A Place for Everybody

The People's Museum was conceived as a place for learning and enjoyment of all people. Unlike most museums of special interest and discipline, here is a place that truly puts the visitor first. First, in means of access. First, in means of presentation, and first in adding to people's lives, in learning and enjoyment.


To say The People's Museum is for the disabled would miss the mark. Exhibits will be designed for everybody. For visitors who are blind, the exhibits will be presented so their intact senses can interpret the material. For visitors who are unable to walk, the designers will put those visitors' perspective and ease of access first.

Some visitors may have learning disabilities or attention deficit disorders that challenge presenters to give a meaningful experience to the visitor. We will meet that challenge and in doing so will monitor and test our success, learn new communications tools, and share the process with others.


Innovative methods of presentation will be the basis of exhibits at The People's Museum. This is a "general" museum. The museum's collection already houses a wide variety of artifacts representing African, Egyptian, South American, and diverse cultures from around the world. From dinosaur bones to contemporary art and Hollywood memorabilia, the museum will focus on how these items can be enjoyed by everyone and how they relate to our daily lives. There is a large military collection as well.

Because of the diverse audience that makes up New York City, the emphasis of our outreach presentations focuses on ethnic heritage and culture. Guest speakers and visitors alike will discuss topics of interest.

The exhibits and descriptions will be accessible for everyone to enjoy:

- excitement and interst for the general public
- interactives for the learning impaired
- touch and sound for the blind


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